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[2008-04-21] A group of Russian brides are accused of marrying U.S.--not for love, but rather to stay in the USA
[2008-04-04] Clever Copycats
[2008-04-04] Can A Person Be Illegal?
[2008-04-04] Russian dating scams
[2008-04-04] Cambodia has suspended marriages between foreigners and Cambodians
[2008-04-04] New government figures show the proportion of couples in England and Wales who choose to get married has fallen to record low levels
[2008-04-04] Less weddings in the Basque Country
[2008-04-04] A growing number of people are considering the moral and religious implications of the interruption of pregnancy.
[2008-04-04] The Rise of Mixed Marriages
[2008-04-04] Despite the fact that marriage rates are falling faster than you can say "I do", it seems quite the opposite when it comes to engagements
[2008-04-04] A young Saudi Arabian woman was murdered by her father for chatting on the social network site Facebook, it has emerged.
[2008-04-04] Paper marriage reveals bride's fraud
[2008-04-04] Since the 1st of April the Russian air company Ural Airlines introduces a new sub-class for the just married. Tickets for the love-class flights can be bought only if the couple holds a certificate of marriage registration.
[2008-04-04] Russia's 'City of Brides' triggers baby boom after love quests
[2008-04-04] A feminine take on Russia vodka
[2008-04-04] The Financial Risks of Online Dating
[2008-04-04] People are still being duped by dishonesty because schemes are becoming more sophisticated
[2008-04-04] New website offers legal advice and guidance for foreign wives
[2008-04-04] After a two-year-long delay, the interior ministry has issued a circular outlining the residence rights and obligations of non-European Union citizens who are the spouses, children or other dependent family members of EU citizens living in Greece
[2008-03-13] Our news
[2008-03-13] Answering your letters.
[2008-03-13] Several ways of getting a positive answer from your woman.
[2008-03-13] To love in Russian (learning Russian words of love)
[2008-03-11] A software programmer accused of murdering his estranged wife
[2008-03-11] A new Internet matchmaker
[2008-03-11] Farmer love scam costs dating agency $120,000
[2008-03-11] Moscow Traditions this Weekend
[2008-03-11] Illinois woman helps South Asian Muslims find each other
[2008-03-11] More Filipinos abroad prefer marrying foreigners than their fellow Filipinos
[2008-03-07] French women are becoming increasingly assertive in their sexual habits
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